Investment Appraisal Dashboard
Investment appraisal dashboard
Investment appraisal

Are you considering making an investment and do you want a good understanding of the financial feasibility and added value? This investment appraisal model has been developed to gain the insights to make the right financial decision(s). It includes easy-to-use input sheets, full scenario planning and an powerful dashboard functionality. This model is particularly suitable for expansion investments, without replacing existing business assets. If you want to replace existing business assets, it is recommended to download the free Investment Appraisal with Replacement model.

Investment appraisals are often the most important and complex decisions. This model helps you make the finance figures simple and insightful, in a nicely visual format. The model contains practical input sheets for the entry of incremental/additional revenue, costs and cash flows. The dashboard gives you a clear insight of the financial effects of the different scenarios. Based on the most common appraisal criteria Net Present Value, payback (in and exclusive present value) and the Internal Rate of Return, you can make the right financial choices.

The model gives you full scenario planning functionality. You can specify a high and low scenario based on the most critical drivers directly in the dashboard view, to see the immediate effects on the key appraisal criteria.

The model contains a comprehensive explanation for meaningful use and application.