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Welcome to KnowYourFinance.  KnowYourFinance is a knowledge hub for good financial planning and analysis. We offer knowledge and advice on good financial performance to mainly small and medium-sized companies and non-profit organizations globally. We do this by providing high-quality templates for free and providing customized solutions. Accessible, practical and focused on the core of your business. With the strong ambition to support your company or organization in realizing the financial goals.
We have extended knowledge and experience to help you with the following:
  • Long term financial planning – giving you optimal insight in the financial effects of strategic choices and market developments. Including integration of financial and non-financal key drivers and scenario analysis. Build up from the profit & loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, presenting you the financial effects of investments and (external debt) financing
  • Investment appraisals – to make informed decisions about growth, capital purchase or disposal, presented in a visual dashboard
  • Cash flow planning – for short and longer term, to have a good overview of cash positions all time and to be able to take adequate action to prevent cash deficits or surpluses
  • Financial planning and analysis – for funding applications, financing purposes and continuous monitoring
  • Budgeting and forecasting models and processes – well suited for your organization, and based on proven pragmatic concepts; serving as a crucial link between the long term plan and daily operations; motivates and guides your organization to realize goals and ambitions
  • Reports and dashboards – to give you the indispensable insights about the realized performances, to focus your attention on the topics that are the most crucial to your organization, to take the right actions to achieve your goals
KnowYourFinance has many years of experience in the field of (corporate) planning and reporting within a wide range of organizational sectors, including (credit) insurance, production, logistics, consultancy, energy, care and education. Thanks to these broad sector experiences, KnowYourFinance can support you with tailored advice and planning and analysis solutions, matching the characteristics of your organization.

Good financial performance management helps you doing business successfully. It helps you to make the financial translation of your goals and ambitions, to oversee the financial effects of choices and external developments, compare scenarios, take well-considered risks and redirect actions if required.

We are looking forward to helping you with concrete solutions for financial planning and analysis. Aiming that you will be even more successful than you already are.

– Sieuwerd Tiemersma (MSc CMA FMVA) | Initiator KnowYourFinance

    Quick start with free and ready-to-use templates

    Do you want to make a quick start with your financial planning solution? We offer a wide range of ready to use financial models for free – amongst others for investment appraisal, long term financial planning, analysis and budgeting. All models are based on real business cases and can serve as as quick and excellent start for your planning initiatives.

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    KnowYourFinance offers all downloadable templates and advice for free. We consistently aims for a high quality of its services. KnowYourFinance’s acceptance of a service depends on the available capacity and planning.
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