The downloadable templates can serve as a quick start for your financial planning solutions and are:


  • Developed according to proven modeling techniques
  • Easy to use
  • Including visual dashboards for analysis and presentation
  • Adjustable for your specific organizational characteristics (by everyone with knowledge of excel, finance and financial modeling)
  • Easy adjustable for new years
  • Fully free
  • Including free advise
  • Downloadable without registration of (personal) details or subscription requirements

KnowYourFinance aims for a meaningful use of the downloads. KnowYourFinance can advise you on the correct choice of the template, can guide you in the correct use of the model and in the customization of the model to match your specific organizational characteristics and controls.

The templates have been designed for specific business cases and have subsequently been adapted for a more general use. Careful assessment should be made to whether a template is applicable and works correctly for your business situation. Customizations may be required to make a template fit well with your organizational characteristics and your business case. Customizations can be done by anyone with sufficient knowledge of Excel, finance and modeling. KYF can advise you on the choice of the template and can support you in making customizations.

You can use the downloaded template for financial planning and analysis purposes within your organization. The downloads can also be freely used for non-commercial educational activities.

Some restrictions apply regarding the use and distribution of the templates and regarding the liability and applicable law. The Download Terms and Conditions apply to all templates provided by KYF.

Qlick on the templates below for more information and for the download option. An email address is required for downloading a template. No further (personal) details are required nor recorded. The download is available immediately.

If you do not find the template that you are looking for, please contact us at [email protected].

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