Profit & Loss Planning Dashboard
Multiyear financial profit & loss planning model

This  multiyear financial profit & loss planning model is a powerful template for planning and understanding the organization’s financial results. The model includes the full profit & loss statement and average personnel formation planning.

Practical input sheets help you to fill the model for the historical years and forecasted years. It contains clear reports and a visually appealing dashboard for quick insight, sharp analysis and presentation. Do you also consider planning your balance sheet and cash flows? We recommend to check the model “Multiyear financial plan 3 statements” in the download section.

The model may be suitable for organizations in many sectors, in both the non-profit and profit sectors. The forecast results are calculated on a multi-year basis based on expected sales numbers, average sales prices, formation development and costs and other operating expenses.

The model contains a comprehensive explanation for meaningful use and application.

The model does not present the gross margin, typically useful for trade and production companies. You can contact KnowYourFinance to provide you with a gross margin model. If you prefer you can make the required adaptions to the model yourself to suit your planning needs.